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Gamification: What Is It And Why You Should Include It In Your Next Event

The word gamification is growing in the events industry, for a good reason! Gamification is a key element for attendee engagement in virtual and hybrid events, yet there are still many people that don’t understand what it is, or how they can use it. 

Here is a simple explanation of gamification and why you should be including it in your future virtual or hybrid events! 

What Is Gamification?

Event gamification is the integration of game mechanics and elements that keep your attendees engaged throughout your whole virtual or hybrid event. 

The goal of gamification is for your attendees to feel like they are having an awesome time at your event, while monitoring sponsorship engagement, event participation, behaviour and more. 

Why Choose Gamification?

Event gamification is one of the best ways to bring engagement to your virtual or hybrid events. With the help of gamification, you can affect the culture, the number of sales, attendees, and can create a more relaxed and high-quality experience for your guests. Gamification takes the sit-in-front-of-a-computer type of virtual event to a fun, engaging virtual experience!

Your sponsors will also love gamification. While the distance of in-person events can sometimes result in sponsors not attending, virtual events with gamification can help attendees visit more booths, resulting in happy sponsors that will want to attend next year’s event! 

Types Of Gamification

There’s nothing like a little bit of healthy competition to get an event going! There are tons of ways you can include gamification in your next virtual event. Some of the great ways to keep attendees interested and drive traffic to your sponsors that Impact AV Solutions offers are:

  • Pre-made or custom-designed tasks
  • Unlockable badges for guests
  • A leaderboard to spice up the competition
  • Advertise your real-world prizes
  • Drive engagement towards your chosen targets

Want to learn more about including gamification in your next event? Discover more with the help of our event experts. 

Watch our video below to learn more about virtual events with Impact AV Solutions!