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December 5, 2022
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Forum for Young Canadians
Summit 360



This year’s three-day Forum for Young Canadians: Summit 360 virtual event, powered by the Rideau Hall Foundation, brought students from different communities across Canada to learn, engage, and build networks through a variety of plenaries. Students participated in interactive workshops, virtual tours, peer-to-peer activities, a youth civics fair, and a chance to network with Parliamentarians.


The challenge this virtual event brought us was placing students from across Canada into interactive breakout sessions at specific times throughout this three day program. Students were pre-assigned to their breakouts based on their registration and had to be “moved” automatically throughout the conference (sometimes up to 4 times per session).

Impact's Solution

We worked with the clients’ registration team to come up with a very detailed registration list with multiple columns indicating each attendee’s breakout allocation. Our talented web design team was able to code specific instructions for our project team to simply push a button and have every attendee moved into their individual video meeting rooms online.

Platform Highlights

Our 3D Visualizer/Graphic Designer created a new virtual venue render for each day of the Forum for Young Canadians: Summit 360 conference. The renders reflected the House of Commons, Rideau Hall, The Senate, Confederation Hall and the Library of Parliament as a Youth Civics Fair. Rooms had an information button so attendees could learn more about each room/render.

The conference also included:

  • Interactive Exhibit Booths
  • Closed Captioning (full simultaneous translation in both English and French to both in person and online audiences with translators joining remotely)
  • Interactive Photo Booth
  • Interactive Video Booth
  • Virtual DJ


Over 400 students joined from across Canada to take part in meaningful discussions surrounding our government processes, Indigenous governance and making a difference in their communities!

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