Creating Biographies: Tips For Speakers
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June 17, 2022
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Creating Biographies: Tips For Speakers

A speaker biography is one of the most important pieces you’ll ever write about yourself. It’s the first introduction to who you are, what you do, and what you’re all about. It’s an opportunity for you to succinctly explain your work, competence, and areas of expertise. Creating speaker bios can be a big challenge. You need to squeeze in the most important points while maintaining a relatively summary. 

We don’t want to waste your time with lengthy and boring introductions (and neither should you!). So we have added below some tips to write your speaker bios concisely and entertainingly!

Keep It Short

Just like your time, your attendee’s time is precious, keep your speaker biography brief. Don’t take more than 75-100 words to introduce your speaker. You want to keep your audience’s attention. Attendees want to hear the topic that you’re there to talk about, not lose them while talking about yourself for 10 minutes. Keep it short and relevant! 

Include Your Speaker’s Background

When writing a bio for your speaker, it’s best to share the most significant parts of their career and expertise. Having speakers are one of the highest motivations for attendees to come to your event. Include the speaker’s current position and a brief mention of work history and experience relevant to the topic and audience. Also include academic qualifications, awards, and a reference to published work that is relevant, but remember that you want to keep this bio short!

Include Your Program’s Overview

Make sure you ALWAYS provide your biography with a brief overview of your program and what their group will learn or the benefits they will take away. Like we said earlier, your audience is coming to see the presentation, so talk about it! People know why your topic is important, again, that’s why they are there. When starting your presentation, talk more about the HOW rather than the WHY. 

Your speaker biography will go a long way when you are presenting at an event! Keep in mind that your speaker bio should be tweaked and updated depending on the presentation you are giving and the conference you are at. 

Also, make sure to review your bio before submitting it to ensure the best possible result!