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How to Turn Your In-Person Events Into Virtual Events

We understand. Switching from in-person to virtual events for the first time can be intimidating and maybe a little daunting. Although it may seem that way, people have been shifting into virtual or hybrid events for quite some time. The last year and a half has been difficult for in-person events, but has made an opportunity for event planners to come up with solutions to in-person events, virtual! 

It doesn’t make sense to drop in-person events completely, but the move to virtual events is something we need to consider as we move back into the world of in-person events. This doesn’t mean switching everything over virtually forever, this could mean adding a piece for people to engage from home as well during your in-person event.

Hosting a virtual event takes the same amount of care and attention as an in-person event. To help get you started, here are a few tips and questions you might have or want to consider when turning your in-person events into virtual or hybrid ones!

What Is A Virtual Event?

Unlike in-person events, virtual events take place exclusively online. Different types of speakers, guests, and audience members join digitally for either a large or small event. You’ve probably been a part of, or joined a virtual event before! Virtual events can range from a webinar to a large online conference call with thousands of attendees. 

There are tons of virtual event types. Some virtual events can include networking, team-building, fundraising, hiring, hiring or even shopping events! 

Are They Worth My Time?

The easiest answer, yes! The biggest benefit of virtual events is how budget-friendly they can be. No need to rent out space, and you can speak to thousands of people from the comfort of your home (and what’s better than that). 

Although the price of virtual events can be relatively cheap, there can be some disadvantages as well. The biggest one being that you’re not physically in front of your guests. Attendees might feel disconnected from you or your speakers or might have trouble being distracted with other things happening from where they are watching your event from. Other issues could be the quality of the attendee’s wifi connection or background noises. 

Planning Your Virtual Event

Before you start planning your virtual event, make sure you know why you are throwing your event! Make sure your goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-based (SMART goals) and who your target audience is.

Choose The Right Virtual Platform  

There are tons of platforms with different features to host your next virtual event! Our virtual platform at Impact AV Solutions is made to envision, design, and deliver cutting-edge virtual events that can stand on their own or be integrated with in-person events to create Hybrid experiences that your guests will never forget! 

See our virtual event services and our virtual venues.

Promote Your Virtual Event

Promoting your virtual event is extremely important for getting attendees to your event! Make sure you are advertising your event wherever possible, wherever your attendees are. Let them know how they can sign up (make sure to have a registration link/page) and participate. Here are some promotion ideas:

  • Leverage social media
  • Using your email list 
  • Post your event in Facebook groups or platforms like Reddit and Twitter
  • Ask your sponsor and event partners to spread the word
  • Ask your speakers to share 
  • Share your event with friends and family
  • Share a sneak peek of your event

Create Your Attendees Experience

Virtual events can be sitting in front of your computer or phone for hours, or they can be engaging to your audience, keeping people entertained and networking, just like an in-person event.

Features like virtual venues, break-out rooms, gamification, pre-recorded content, and networking tables make your virtual event stand out, making your event memorable! 

Test Your Virtual Event BEFORE It Goes Live

Prepare, prepare, prepare! Making sure you have tested out all of the features, pre-recorded content, audio and having a backup for any lost connections or video from speakers is the most important part of your virtual event. Planning your virtual event just for everything to go wrong the day of your event is not ideal! 

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